Tuesday, September 4, 2012

100 Followers Reward Series

 It has been a little over 3 1/2 months since I began my blog, sharing my sissy life and musings.  I have had sooo much fun.  And I am sooo appreciative of all of the wonderful comments I've received, and the many sweet, sweet girls who I have had the pleasure of meeting virtually.  I look forward to a long-lived blog too.  However, I just wanted to thank everyone so far.  I don't know what is a good number this far into having a blog such as this.  I've seen some, such as the amazing Saragirl, who have over 900 followers, or Anna Malice, who has like umpteen million.  But I'm pretty happy and skipping around doing a sissy dance as I inch toward 100 followers.  Or, as I like to call my followers, "Sissy Lovers."  And in honor of that moment, I am going to do something special.  For each and every one of my first 100.  And it will begin when I hit 100.  So, if you aren't one of my followers now, there is still time to be one of the first 100, as I now stand at 98.  So, get busy girls, so you can get in on the reward.  But no matter what, many thanks and juicy sissy kisses to everyone who has visited my blog.


  1. haha! I love what you do sissy, you're a good bitch! you should visit My website ;)


  2. Congratulation to the 100th follower!

    I enjoy your blog and I'm so happy I found it!


  3. its funny how much i find a kindred spirit with you thanx for your blog

  4. Very sweet idea.... total thanks and submission to all those who have brought you happiness. i likey alot!

    However, it is important to remember sissy... we are here because of YOU. Because you do such a nice job posting, all different kinds of material, your 'voice' is so sweet and honest and yet filled with beautiful fantasy. You are doing a wonderful job.... thank You.


  5. i agree with nicolette. Thank You Leeanne for everything you do.