Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is This What You Want Leeanne?

"You want me, don't you Leeanne?" Miss Sharon whispered sexily into my ear.  "You want to feel my sensual, yet strong, feminine body close to and caressing your soft, feminine sissy body.  Your can just see yourself with your sweet sissy lips sucking on my firm, large breasts, making me wet between my thighs.  You believe that I will eventually succumb to the worshipful pleasure that only a sissy can bring to a woman, and that I will permit you to suck and lick my pussy.  Don't you Leeanne?  I know you do.  All sissies want to worship Miss Sharon.  And I love that you want that."
 "But guess what?  That's not what I want from my sissies!  I only want one thing and you know what that is.  I want to see your plump, sissy lips wrapped around a big cock, sperm drooling out of your mouth.  So forget what you want Leeanne.  Give Miss Sharon what she wants."
 "Mmmmm.  Yes Leeanne!  You are a good sissy."
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  1. I have to say this are one sexy sissy!!!!!



  2. I would like to see my own lips wrapped around a cock and pleasuring it until its warm and thick cum spurts out into my mouth. Great post!

  3. Leeanne, you captured the essence of what I want from a sissy.... and you have to admit, it's damn hot

  4. I guess you still have to learn a lot, I mean how could you let al that precious cum sip out of your mouth ??
    I think either you're very disrespectfull to the man who gives you the chance to be who you want to be or Miss Sharon has a lot of explaining and training to do...


    1. I cannot disagree that Miss Sharon has much left to teach her sissy. I endeavor to improve my deportment.