Friday, March 1, 2013

Please Have A Seat Leeanne

A friend referred me to her psychologist.  She assured me that this woman could help me learn to deal with my feminine inclinations better.  

"So, Leeanne," she apprised me when I entered her office.  "You certainly are a pretty girl," she complimented me.   The only thing is, I'm not a girl.  "Did you wear something pretty under your jeans?  Like I instructed you to?" she asked.  

Suddenly, I felt I should obey her.  When I nodded, she smiled seductively.  "Very good sissy.  Let me see," she instructed me as I felt her power overwhelm me.  She was not what I expected in a psychologist.  

"Yes ma'am," I replied.  

"Leeanne dear, call me Miss Sharon."  

"Yes Miss Sharon."  

"Mmmmm.  Nice.  I think we're going to have fun sissy," she said, a devilish tone in her voice.  "So, Leeanne, how long have you wanted to suck cock?"


  1. Oh Leeanne -
    You have Ms. Shar♥n perfectly!

    She is breathtakingly beautiful!

    She is always in Control!

    She is very forceful in Her approach!

    She knows what we want!

    She knows what we need!

    She can read our minds!

    She has us under Her Influence!

    She knows we want/need to suck cock!

  2. Awesome post. Just like Miss Sharon!