Monday, July 22, 2013

Is It All Really Necessary? The Key? The Leash?

I mean, I would do whatever my wife says and go wherever she says go.  Must she keep me under lock and key and control my movements?  According to her, every sissy craves such control, and so, yes, the key and leash are essential.


  1. I looking for a mistress to lock me up

  2. is there a mistress that would lock me up.

  3. Of course it is essential. When a pretty young wife decides to take control of her sex life (and why on earth wouldn't she) she certainly doesn't want to waste her time wondering about the chastity and fidelity of her cuckolded husband.

    In addition, the cuckold can expect regular teasing and humiliation from his wife's female friends when he is paraded in front of them and required to lift his dress and petticoat to reveal his restraint.

    Strict domestic discipline and regular humiliation will constantly remind any sissy cuckold of his true role in the life of his wife.