Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh! My! God!


  1. Dear Leeanne, my question has actually nothing to do with this gorgeous girl. I can only repeat what your headline said: Oh! My! God!
    Now to the question which I should have asked after you posted your weekend apart aftermass: Now that you have come to terms with being a sissy not only to yourself, plus openly submissive to several people and having become a chastised cuckold has this ever spilled over into your public life? You know like going to work dressed in feminine lingerie including being chastised and plugged (now regularly?). Has it made you less aggressive in your Job? If so, have other people mentioned this to you, like "somehow you changed"?
    Oh by the way, yes, there are several questions going with the pic. Do you know the name of the girl? Where can I meet her? Would love to have a good glass of wine with her, lol, among other things.
    love, Greta

  2. Would love to unwrap her at christmas