Wednesday, May 7, 2014

She Likes It Sissy. She Likes It Too Much.

It began slowly.  First, you hinted to your wife that you'd like to see her with a man.  Then, she began to warm up to the idea.  Finally, she agreed, and you let her choose the man.  She invited a guy from her work who had been making passes at her for a few months.  When she finally mounted him, right in front of you on a chair in your living room, you began to have second thoughts about the idea.  Unfortunately for you sissy, your wife wasn't having second thoughts anymore.


  1. And yet it feels so very good and appropriate to see Her having Sex with this real Man, doesn't it Leeanne?!

  2. Yes, i truly want to see her with a real man and i want her open to him, to feel him deep inside, filling her fully. i am a cuckold but really i am a sissy. She deserves this and i want it for her and however strange it can seem i want it for me as well.