Friday, August 22, 2014

His Size And Strength, In Every Way, Outstrips Yours Sissy. Your Wife's Submission To Him Proves Your Nature To You In Ways You Never Imagined Possible.


  1. i think part of the pride of being a sissy cuckold is being the sissy of a woman who is desirable to real men. The woman in this picture is beautiful and she deserves the size and strength he can give her. To be able to participate in any way in her enjoyment of him is special, And as sissies we do appreciate the sexual power and irresistible appeal of a hard cock. It is easy to know why she wants to feel him inside her. And she knows that her sissy wants this for her and has already accepted his/ her place. If the evening goes well both sissy and she know that she will require sissy to please them both by licking her clean as sissy thanks her for allowing her to eat her lover's cum.

    1. Very well said, Susan. I would add that fluffing him for their coupling would also be very nice and, hopefuly, much appreciated.

    2. I would like to think that is a given sweet Nancy...