Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Submission Defined


  1. That's not submission, that's heaven! I love giving pedicures and foot massages. I just don't get to do enough of it, to be an expert.

    I used have a girlfriend who enjoyed having me polish her toes. She said, she wanted her nails done, but it was a little annoying to do it herself. Awkward position, with her foot up on the edge of the sink. Sometimes she would get a cramp in her lower back or thighs from standing that way.

    Then along comes me, her foot guy, and I got to polish her nails every other week, and sometimes more if she got tired with the color. Now she could sit on the couch, watch TV or read a book, while she got her nails done.

    I'd trim them, push the cuticles back, buff the nails to a smooth surface, then apply two coats of color, and a coat of clear. She said becuase of all my attention, her nails wouldn't chip for weeks. She liked having a foot boy!

    Unfortunately it didn't last, so now I'm not as good as I used to be. I need more practice! Any of you sissies need a foot attendant???

  2. We may enjoy being at a Woman's feet, but it is a submissive act nonetheless. Notice his concentration. Lovely.


    sissy terri

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  4. I love doing this for my wife, but best of all she LOVES when I do it for her :) One of my favorite things to do for her as her sissy.