Saturday, March 14, 2015

The House Guest

Sissy knew what was expected of her.  Her job was to entertain the overnight guest until her wife arrived home from the party they'd been to that night.  Yes.  She was well aware of her responsibility.


  1. Sissies know how to be a good hostess.


    sissy terri

  2. So there are TWO guys staying over? One that went to a party and the other that is home with sissy?

    That's how I read it. Not sure if I'm right but I think the scenario works out for sissy and wife in the long run anyway!

    1. That is certainly a way to read it. Or, you could read it as I intended, which is that sissy's wife sent her date home with sissy for some fun with sissy while she stayed at the party alone (for her own more fun?). But who knows, she might bring another man home yet. Either way, as you say, it works out well for all involved.