Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Night Ritual

After a while, when her sissy husband watched her dress for her Friday night dates, she stopped asking why she wore no panties or bra.  After repeated explanations, her sissy finally understood - there was simply no need.


  1. So, how does the "holidays" affect your sissy and cuckolding activities for you and your cheerleader? Do you have to vanilla up the house and such when the kids and uncles, aunts, etc .. show up? You still wearing the underthings hoping people won't notice?

    Side question: You ever wonder if they have any idea to you and your cheerleader's proclivities, or that they have possibly "inherited" the sexuality that you two play out?

    You know me, Miss Inquisitive, needing to know on a need to know basis!

    1. Hi Dee!

      Whenever we are having company, such as friends and family who we don't share our real life passions with (an odd thing to say, I know, but kind of true, although we simply share other passions with them), we definitely make sure we haven't left any "signs" of our "other side" lying around. As for me, I am always, at a minimum, wearing panties. Always.

      Do I ever wonder if anyone suspects our proclivities? No. I wonder what they'd think if they knew. I wonder what they'd think if they found out. Like, would they say, "How can this be? There is no way we'd have ever guessed it!" And that much would be true. As duplicitous as it sounds to say it, I have learned how to hide my true nature (again, my male nature is not really false - I love most things guys like - I'm a big sports fan for example) so I would be surprised if anyone would suspect.

      Interesting question on the inheritance issue. I have wondered that. Of course, if anyone who has inherited it is as good at hiding it as me, I'll never know. Because I'll never inquire or reveal my true nature either. So that question is going to be a circle that will never be completed.

      I love your questions sweet Dee. You know that. I hope you have a great Easter weekend. As for us, we have no one visiting, so you know what that means! Eat your heart out. I know you'd love to be a fly on the wall.



  2. Wonderful insights Leeanne and thanks for sharing. As to the "no panties" issue, as Diane would say to me: "Don't ask a question you already know the answer to."


    sissy terri

    1. Well, if she wore panties, wouldn't you get even more of a snack when she got home? Think of it as a take-out container!

    2. That is true Dee. Very observant. Are you sure you aren't a sissy? Hmmm?

    3. Well, perhaps you and Kaaren are just bad influences! Plus it has given me an idea or two for captions.

      It does show that I do pay attention to your blogs though!