Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Life Of A Sissy

Being a sissy maid isn’t all glamour and sucking cocks and tending to your Mistress’ needs. There is actual cleaning to be done.  However, if her Mistress’ boyfriend happens by, just now, she might not be scrubbing that floor for long. She does present, well, let’s say a very tempting target... 


  1. Why is this photo making me think of how wonderful those feet will smell at the end of the day? Why is the first thought that popped into my head, " Oh boy, stockings, leather shoes, and a hard days work.........I'd pay to bury my nose in those feet that night!"

    What is wrong with me, that when I look at a photo like this of a cute sissy, with her nice ass sticking out for all to first thought is about sniffing her feet???

    I guess being a submissive with a foot fetish, really messes with the brain!!!

  2. I'm sure that sissy will make sure that none of his seed ends up on the wood flooring either! That is another way to keep the house clean!