Friday, May 20, 2016

Her First Time

Sissy had long ago consented to her wife taking a black lover, her wife’s long-time fantasy. So it wasn’t as though her wife needed to keep it a secret from her sissy husband. But this first time? She wanted to experience it first, without her sissy knowing. However, she’d had no idea how amazing her boss’ cock was going to feel, and she was doing everything in her power not to scream and wake her sissy who was sleeping in her room next to hers, her sweet sissy husband thinking her wife was entertaining just another of her boyfriends. Could she remain silent? Or should she simply let go, revealing to her sissy husband that she would never - ever - be allowed to enter her wife again. Why? There was no point. She wouldn’t be able to feel her little clitty anyway.

1 comment:

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