Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Does Anyone Know What The Fox Says?


  1. A bit random Leeanne ???

    Love Tanya xxx

  2. Will be ever know what the sissy says about that last day in Mexico....of much else. We have all missed your daily blogs Leeanne. Please return to the land of the living.


  3. We really do miss you and your envious and wonderful adventures

  4. Been waiting for someone else to comment but it appears no one is willing to or is seeing it like I do.

    "Does Anyone Know What The Fox Says?" It appears that the fox has said "No" to the last two Mexico installments.'

    1. Lady Sonja's comment below had me reflect on CL's position, particularly the statmente "Wonder what happend beside Leeanne and Cheerleader were used as the slut's they turned into."

      It thougt of the Mexico events we have heard about so far and of the introduction of another couple, one with clear sexual intentions.

      It also reminded me of QB's comment when he offered the gift, "I think both of you will enjoy it."

      Putting those together made me wonder if CL's reluctance to post the final days is not a concern over the depiction of sissy's behavior but a concern about the depiction of her own behavior.

      Just a thought.

    2. Yes, it seems that the party got wild in the end. It must be happend some very intensive moments at this time. When we remember all the stuff Leeanne wrote in her blog and about her Journey with all the steps in their relationship, it must be gone very very wild.

  5. Maybe the Blog now end's.Everything is written and the story is told. There is no need to tell more. Wonder what happend beside Leeanne and Cheerleader were used as the slut's they turned into. A lot of sucking and fucking. Degrading and humilating. They were there pushed to their limits and beyond. So far Leeanne was out as girl, the Cheerleader got well used from everybody. Leeanne got hopefully fucked, too. The sun was shinning, the situations hot as hell.

    On my side there would be something with clamps and whips, too. A good spanking for the sissy.

    Lady Sonja

  6. The Fox says
    "I would like to issue a statement on behalf of myself and all other Foxes.
    No Foxes had any involvement with the making of this video.
    We totally condemn this video and contents and wish to distance ourselves completely.