Sunday, October 6, 2019

Rude Awakening

Sissy's wife called and told her sissy husband to dress in her maid's uniform and to prepare dinner for two.  When her wife showed up with her new boss, sissy was caught off guard, but quickly fell into her usual routine when her wife brought a man home.  The evening went fine, and sissy's wife's boss seemed at ease with sissy serving them.  Then, later, when sissy thought her wife's boss would be leaving for the evening, sissy's wife told sissy to go pull back the bed sheets for them.  Sissy did as she was told.  When her wife came into the bedroom with her boss, they were both already nude and crawled onto the bed.  Sissy was told to stay and watch, and it was then that sissy realized that this wasn't going to be like the other nights with other men.  Not even close.


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  2. Oh i say Leanne, that does sound like an interesting development.


  3. To be completely honest about it I'd want to stay and watch looks like it would be quite a show!!!!

  4. omg!! We don't stand a chance!

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  6. Why is your tumbler link not working?
    Are you quitting tumbler and this blog completely?

  7. I'm not at all sure you'll ever see this but I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas....
    I miss you terribly....

  8. Ich ficke dich mit diesen Schwanz in den Darm so das er reißt
    und du verblutest

  9. Long time since you've posted. I hope you and CL are both well and happy.

    Best wishes

  10. When a regular blogger stops blogging, its inevitable that followers wonder why, and worry.

    Maybe QB, who was angry when CL ended their renewed relationship, has interferred.
    Maybe there's a problem between Leeanne and CL.
    Maybe Leeanne wants even more feminine experiences.
    Maybe CL has fallen for one of her lovers.

    Whatever the reason we all hope you and CL are ok and send fondest love.

    Love Tanya xxxx

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  13. It's now a year since you last posted ... I hope you and CL are both well.

    Take care and best wishes.

  14. I do hope you and your wife are doing well. I regularly check this site hoping that there will be an update from you. All the best.

  15. I do hope you will post again at some point and hope you are well

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  17. Leeanne
    I hope you, CL, and whomever you have in your lives today are healthy, happy and well ... whatever you're up to and wherever you are.

    Still in my thoughts ... best wishes for 2022!

    A devoted follower. (smile)

  18. Hello Leanne.

    Happy New Year! Hope you and your family are thriving. I check here regularly hoping to see an update from you.

    All the best

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