Sunday, January 20, 2013

About Miss Sharon

I met a woman today.  Or rather, I got to know her today.  I met her a while ago.  Her name is Miss SharonShe is a beautiful, tall blonde woman, with a dominant streak for sissies.  And she has a hypnotic effect upon me.  She likes sissies like me.
She wants me to dress up as her sissy maid, which, of course, I would happily do for her.
But she also wants more.  So much more.  She loves instructing me on the finer points of sucking cocks for her, the operative words being, "for her."
And she insists on her sissy cleaning up all of the gooey sperm too.  Again, I'm happy to please her.
And she seems well pleased in my performance.  And I am grateful.  Thank you Miss Sharon.


  1. you are very welcome, Leeanne


  2. Leeanne, I'm really happy for you having found such a wonderful mistress like Miss Sharon.

  3. Thank you for the compliment, jeanne

  4. It's true, any sissy with a mistress like you is really lucky.

  5. well jeanne, I appreciate your note. I am glad you and leeanne feel that way about me.

    1. How could we not Miss Sharon? And I hope it does not upset you that Jeanne refers to you as my Mistress, a tag I know you are uncomfortable with.



  6. Well, Leeanne, to be honest (and you know how I feel about this) I don't think of myself as Mistress so I just prefer Miss or Ms..... but for the most part I smile when I see people use that title.