Friday, January 25, 2013

Coming Out Party

My wife had brought me along slowly, feminizing me and bringing me to accept my role as her sissy husband over the course of our first year of marriage.  Tonight, though, she had explained, I was to make my debut to her girlfriends, whose husbands they had already feminized and turned into their sissy servants.  In fact, their sissy husbands were providing the maid service for my big night, but my job would be to entertain her and her girlfriends' boyfriends, who relished their role of breaking in a newly feminized hubby.
Later, after the party, my wife explained that the blindfold was intended to keep me unihibited, which I surely would have been had I known that the boyfriends I was entertaining were all guys from my college fraternity.


  1. A very hot fantasy and matching picture! Love it!

  2. Very twisted writing. Me likey!

    And you'd think you'd have noticed if all her friends' husbands were feminized?!? Perhaps it is because you were juts another clueless male .. at the time at least!