Thursday, August 1, 2013

Did Sissy Need Help? No.

But she was well trained, nonetheless, to accept it when offered.


  1. A little guidance never hurts....

  2. I so want to grow n flower. To submit n be in my proper submissive sissy princess cumslut ways. I so think about cock n slut wear n even eating n excercising all for bettering my looks n health as I so desire to be managed or controlled. I've been with boyfriends n girlfriends before. But never just with Vick n yet I can't help n desire n yes even wish to want cock on my mind like 24/7/365:
    That I'm thinking. I so love being female, though I'll never really be a natural born Woman. But to wear some flirty n sexy hot feminine clothes. How erotic n sensual will this be right?
    I'm confused why I would ever try to fight Hypnos, as I do so like totally love how much happier n content I am. Hypnos are so incredible n they make this flower grow. Which this flower so needs this in her life.

    I've noticed how I so much desire a more simplified life or even desires of being pimped. I've lived like 13.5 years n use to look at women n see if I liked what she's wearing or how it would look on me. How all I wanted was to move forward in positive flow n blend in with other women. Here lately, I look at a Woman n I try to figure out how much wood or cock her outfit will get me. I mean sluts are happy right? Yes they are. Sluts are happy, sluts are obedient. I so want n desire to be a submissive sissy to a powerful n dominant Woman:)