Friday, August 9, 2013

Sissy's First Day On The Job

Your wife spent a lot of money to send you to secretarial school so that you could learn a new profession since she feminized you.  And so sissy could not understand why she didn't require her newly learned skills to assist any of the executives when they called her into their offices.  
But, she followed her wife's last words of advice to her when she dropped her off for work, "Just do what your bosses ask you to do and you'll be just fine."


  1. If I were that sissy, I wouldn't wonder about the why's, rather I would enjoy the situation. Such a lucky sissy!

  2. OMG I so need a job like this or a secretary. Dress sissy sexy n make a little extra money on the side. Giving all to Mistress in order to help Her move up in the world