Friday, February 28, 2014

Coffee Break

You're going to love the taste sissy.


  1. Yummy yes but for god's sake don't stir it with that!!!

  2. You had some dreams, there were clouds in your coffee, clouds in your coffee and ..

    Huge, man vein, I bet you think this song is about him.
    Huge, man vein, I bet you think this song is about him, don't you, don't you?

    1. I love that song! Never thought of it in that vein...

  3. Eating cum in any form seems just right for a sissy. i have learned to luv it. One of my favorites is cum salad dressing. On more than one occasion i have captured a good load into a small container and put in the fridge for an outing. Recently i took my container and headed to a local diner. When the waitress came i ordered a small salad, dressing on the side. When it arrived i took out my container, poured it on my salad and mixed it in. Then i proceeded to eat it all. It seemed a special sissy moment to be eating cum in public, When the waitress came to clear the tale she said - you sure did a good job on that salad. If she only knew. The only thing missing was being there with some girlfriends and having to ask if i could please have the cum vial for my salad and having them enjoy it as i ate my meal. i think of eating cum as a special point of pride of being a sissy. clearly putting aside any claims to being a man, and as a special form of sissy nourishment..