Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sissy Thought, 'There Is No Way I'm Sucking ALL Of These Cocks!'

As sissy's wife was femininzing her, preparing her to go out into the world as a woman, she taught her to always reciprocate appropriately whenever a man displayed a courtesy to her.  Suddenly, today, while at lunch on her first day as a secretary to her wife's boss, sissy was confronted with a situation about which she wasn't certain of the correct protocol.


  1. If a man lights my cigarette, I must suck his cock? I think I picked the right day to start smoking!

    1. That's a nice thought JamieLin. Smoking isn't all bad???



  2. I can get in the car right now! I think between the 2 of us we can handle all those cocks! It's better for you than smoking anyway!

  3. Leaanne, I will join all of you to help make sure we all share the load so that no one sissy feels overwhelmed :) teehee!

    Good day for me to switch from smoking to sucking cock I think.