Monday, June 16, 2014


But sissy better hurry.  Her 60 seconds are almost up.  Then the cage goes back on.


  1. This is a very differcult challenge. The learning curve can be long. As much as i learned to like my sissy cage, the post failure leaking drove me crazy. i did reach a point where one minute was enough. However, no so much any more. Mistress Barbara still challenges me.

  2. Leeanne,

    Once again you've captured the essence of a fascinating topic. The whole idea of being "on the clock," knowing you have a brief period of time to enjoy some form of pleasure before you're "back in" would be enough to send me into the deepest of subspace! Well done!


    sissy terri

  3. how much pressure, sounds like the start of a ruined orgasm, cumming while the cage is being locked into place and dribbling all down my legs and nylons