Friday, June 20, 2014

The Journey To Becoming A Sissy Husband Begins Early For Some Little Boys


  1. I know I always envied the girls for all their pretty clothes and long beautiful hair...and the ribbons...and the bows...and the satin...and the lace...and the ruffles...and the frills....sigh....I think I'd like a do-over!!!!

    1. I did as well, but more because I saw the power that they had, even back then. They could get the boys in trouble so easily, that it would deflect anything badly that they did. The girls always had the teachers eating out of the palms of their hands. I think I also was in the last generation that really had girls still dressing in dresses and skirts fairly regularly, as by the time I graduated, the grunge scene was hitting big.

  2. Awww that is just soooo adorable!

    And as to the whole "starting early" thing. When my daughter was around 12 or so, we were watching something, perhaps CSI, and there was some sort of guy wearing a dog collar being led by a domme, and she asked me, "what is that about?" and I was like, "well, sweetie, some guys like to get dressed up and serve women, clean the house .. and many times they will pay a woman to be a dominatrix, who forces them to do things like that." and she said, "a guy will pay me to dress up in pretty things and clean my house? When I'm older I've GOT to get me one or two of those!" I just had to laugh, and said, "Sweetie, it wouldn't surprise me if I came to your apartment someday and found a guy on a leash making you omelets." Strong willed girl, just like her proud parents! LOL

  3. That's so true!

    And from my point of view every dominant Woman should have a whole harem of devoted sissy gurls to serve Her. There are enough of us to do so. And a lot of us would be just too grateful to have started the training as young as this little cutie...!