Monday, February 2, 2015

My Fantasy

A second wedding with my Cheerleader with each of us dressed appropriately.


  1. I'm waiting for my invitation!!! I'll try to control myself when the minister says "You may now kiss the bride"!!!!
    I'll try but I can't make any promises!!!!

  2. It's a fantasy many of us share!


    sissy terri

  3. We did a vow renewal ceremony and I wore a bridal gown. It was joyous!

    Alfred Angelo full skirted ball gown with lace pickups. Mega full crinoline, garter, flowers and a veil with a blusher. I cried I felt so wonderful.

    And after the ceremony...on the bed on all fours. As my skirt and crinoline were lifted over my back I never felt more feminine. My girly sighs, moans and squeals a few moments later proved it.

    1. How lovely that must have been Miss Raquel. I'm so happy for you. I can only dream....