Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sissy's First Time

She has no idea what she is about to feel.  But in a matter of moments she'll be squealing like a banshee.


  1. Phew...it's much bigger than Diane's strapon. And i bet he packs a bigger punch too.


    sissy terri

  2. ah...learning to accept and enjoy.

  3. I always get mounted and taken in the "doggie" position on all fours. I always wear something pretty and feminine when I am taken. A ritual in my being mounted is raising my skirts and either petticoats or crinolines over my back. The anticipation makes me tremble.

    I sigh, moan and squeal in the girliest way possible. I push up and back against my wife's strap on. As the base is positioned where she wants it she will begin grunting and holding my hips forcefully.

    When I really need a good screwing I will put on something really pretty and flirt with my wife. I will do my makeup with care and my lipstick and nails in hot pink.

    I love being a girl!

  4. wow... that is not starting slow... hope she's been well pegged and is well lubed....

  5. No nooo querida Leanne, a mi encantó la primera vez, no lloré de pena, lloré de felicidad!!