Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Getting Psyched!

Pre-party huddling of the sissies hired to serve (in more ways than drinks and hors-d'oeuvres) the guests.


  1. Haven't received my party invitation yet but I would love to cum and help the other sissies serve

  2. Nothing like a sissy support group.

  3. It will be spankings all around if we don't get on with our duties!!!!
    So let's all just take our time!!!!!

  4. I love those pretty dresses, and the beautiful shoes!!

  5. It's true - once you've uploaded a photo to the internet, it can turn up anywhere.

    Just to get the credits right here, that's:
    me (centre), my wife (left) and her sister (right), at my special-treat, private, 40th birthday party earlier this year. And as I recall, we all went to bed happy that night - me, with a bright red behind, courtesy of my 5 leather-paddle strokes for each year of my life, from each of my two well-wishers.