Thursday, August 4, 2016

Letting Go

Sissy has learned to let go of her worry when her wife brings home men for her sissy husband to please, all the while being blindfolded.  It’s the teasing and tormenting after when her wife suggests all of the possibilities of men she has sucked off, never actually confirming.  So yes, sissy has learned to live with seeing every man in her life she knows as someone she has possibility swallowed their sperm, including both of her brothers, her wife’s brother, and most of their neighbors.


  1. il mistero e gli sconosciuti mi hanno sempre senti il forte odore il sapore che ti pervade le narici e la bocca e poi gusti a pieno solo le loro qualità amatorie mentre la tua fervida fantasia erotica di piccola trav galoppa...sarà il lattaio, il vicino di casa, il postino, il meccanico...e intanto ti godi quei meravigliosi momenti...quei saporiti e meravigliosi cazzi grossi e venosi...!! grazie bella Leeanne baci baci baci

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