Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sissy Prepared For Her Daily Maintenance Spanking


  1. Love her preparation in a sissy rubber maids dress

  2. la mia padrona bella è molto metodica e la sua agenda giornaliera è scandita da orari ben precisi e lavoretti che vanno fatti in orari ben organizzati solo così si raggiunge la lo confesso solo a voi ma quando la mia padrona mi prepara per le dolci sculacciate giornaliere il mio piccolo e moscio pisellino mi gocciola un giorni mi controlla le mutandine chissà se sarà contenta di quello che vedrà...!!?? baci baci baci e grazie per le belle sensazioni che mi dai

  3. I really hate the weekly maintenance spankings. I get mine every Friday after my wife gets home from work unless she's leaving from work on Friday and going away for the weekend with her BF then it's Thursday evening.

    What I hate about it is I have to get everything ready. I get her spanking chair out, some implements and I have to be naked and standing in the corner waiting for her to come home. Sometimes she doesn't come right home after work so I may be waiting in the corner for a couple of hours.

    When she does get home I get a chance to confess anything I might have done wrong then I go over her knee and she spanks me really good. When it's over she hugs me and tells me she loves me.