Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sissy Gets A Reprieve – Day Six

This post is going to be short.  Quarterback has not always been pleased with the lack of promptness of my posts during our Mexico vacation.  But this morning, as we moved into our last full day in Mexico, he told me I could wait to post about the details of Day Six.  He wasn’t being altogether altruistic.  He was being more practical.  First, I don’t have the time to write today, and he knows it.  I’ve been, well, otherwise occupied.  Second, he wants a detailed accounting of Day Six and that just can’t be done on the day the events have, and are, occurring.  So, sit tight and I’ll tell all.  Because I have to.  And because I want to.  Patience.




  1. mi raccomando divertiti e fatti bella e goditi questi splendidi eccitanti giorni !! baci baci baci

  2. "Patience..."

    Definitely dear heart! You've had a whirlwind trip with so much happening. The very least we can do as your avid audience is to allow you the time to just BREATHE! Whew... I get exhausted just reading everything you've written. Try to relax. Try to catch your breath. Try to just reflect on everything that has happened and enjoy every second. And most of all, don't worry in the slightest about US. Perhaps about QB's discomfiture about your not posting frequently enough, yes... But NOT about us.

    I can't wait to see your next post, Leeanne. But at the same time it more important (at least for me) to think about you experiencing things that are making you happy.


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  4. Leanne,

    I have not commented until now about your Mexican adventure, and may do at greater length in the future, but let me say now only that I have nothing but admiration for your commitment to service, and appreciation for the extraordinary opportunity you have been granted to serve your Princess and her peers.

    As eagerly I await your next installment, I am reminded of what my yoga teacher once said: you have all the patience you need.

    Yet now, as I patiently wait, I grow concerned for your well-being. I imagine you must have a lot to process, and I would not suggest to rush that process, but I hope you also know that we -- as I know your other readers would agree -- care about you and hope you are well.

    I honor you,

    Noble Ideal

  5. If you are processing the events and emotions of your time in Mexico then take all the time you need. If not, how long a reprieve did sissy get?

  6. Is that a cherry in the mouth at head of the post?

  7. Hi Leeanne darling,
    I echo the thoughts of Noble Ideal above.

    What we have read is wonderful, and await the events of the last 2 days eagerly.

    Has QB not chased you for next instalment ?? I bet he has !!
    I am happy to be patient, but the longer the wait the more I worry about your welfare - nothing more.

    Love always

    Tanya xxxxxx

  8. Are you alive sweet?

  9. An Interested FollowerMarch 10, 2017 at 11:56 AM

    Where have you gone? Rumors have it that you've eloped with Terri from a married sissy! True?

    Waiting for the next installment....

  10. After all this time, it is clear that Leeanne is being prevented from blogging about those last 2 days in Mexico - not QB for sure, as he would want it written, so must be Cheerleader. Maybe she wants what happened in Mexico to remain in Mexico ???

    The possibilities are endless - CL with Samantha ??
    Leeanne with QB and/or Derek ??
    Maybe Victor made a visit ???
    Or even CL with Derek ????

    Our imaginations can run wild !!!!

    Love Tanya xxxxx

  11. Or maybe this is all fiction and has been since day 1...

  12. No,no we believe in Sissy's story. It sounds like a dream of a sissy and for sure it is a dream for a sissy to be accepted like this. Give her the time to settle down. It needs time to write all this things down in wonderful words. She needs the time, we'll give the time. Ok we are courious like hell, but we've to sit thight and wait for the moment the storys goes on again. No doubt sissy will be back soon.

    Looking forward to it...
    Lady Sonja

  13. Is this a "reprieve" or a pass. Your fans have all been patient but it has been almost 3 weeks!!!

  14. Perhaps the new immigration policy won't allow sissies back into the country.. Hope all is well..

  15. Really?? Dead??? Are people so gullible? First the Tumblr feed associated with Leeanne is very, very active, posting lots and lots of porn images. Second, does anyone wonder how true all of this could be? Leeanne is a high powered lawyer IRL, yet she has time to post literally thousand of images to Tumblr, frequently dozens of posts per day - please explain to me how that works. I am NOT a high power lawyer, I just work a regular office job but I would not have the available time to post countless posts to this blog and Tumblr each day. It's fiction folks!

    1. Agreed, all fiction. Far fetched, yet very erotic and well constructed fiction. Parts may have happened (getting caught in panties, some cuckolding) but the totality of it, wonderful fabrication.....(like the QB discovering sissy on tumblr......)


    1. Even if it's a fake its still wonderful story and its like out dreams and it turns me on.

  17. We hope that Leeanne will be back soon.