Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mexico - Day One

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My cheerleader and I woke up early Saturday morning to get ready for our flight to Mexico.  The day before, as I drove home from work, I received a text message from quarterback.  He wrote, “I have given your wife a task to perform when you get home.  Now I’m giving you one.  Cooperate with her.  What she is going to do is only temporary for our trip.”  When I got inside, she called out for me to come upstairs.  When I got up to our room my cheerleader was in our bathroom.  She had laid a piece of plastic on our floor and told me to get undressed and come in there.  When I joined her in the bathroom, I could see have an electric razer.  Uh huh.  She was going to shave me completely.  Underarms, chest, legs, and yes, all of the hair around my clitty.  I was completely shaved and smooth, and realized I would be the entire trip to Mexico.
We wore jeans and t-shirts that had been selected for us by quarterback's assistant for the trip to Mexico.  Mine were tighter than my usual male jeans and that was because they were jeans cut for a woman, resulting in a very tight fit.  His assistant had calculated that and, to help me tuck and contain my sissy bulge, she also sent me a pair of tight girdle panties complete with butt padding to make sure the jeans "fit right."  I wore cowboy boots as a substitute for high heels, also ensuring that my enhanced butt was emphasized.  I may not have been wearing a bra or makeup to make me appear feminine, but I definitely felt feminine.  
When we met up at the airport, quarterback set the tone for the trip.  He pulled my cheerleader close and kissed her hard as I stood by and watched.  Upon boarding the plane, I realized that my cheerleader’s seat was next to her quarterback, while I was across the aisle.  During the trip, I was more or less alone while my cheerleader snuggled up with quarterback.  When we finally landed in Mexico, I was tired from the flight.  We were met at the airport by a driver named Pedro, who loaded our luggage into a Landcruiser, and drove us to our private villa in Mazatlan, Sinoloa.  Once there we were greeted by two pretty Mexican women, Mercedes and Maria.  Pedro carried our luggage inside, placing my luggage in one room, and my cheerleader and quarterback’s in the one next door to me.  The villa was wide open and had an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. 
Mercedes came to my room and told me in somewhat broken English that she was there to attend to any of my needs, and to help me dress as needed for the week.  I know I gave her a look of confusion, but she quickly explained.  She knew I was a sissy and that my cheerleader was my wife.  She assured me that she was not there to judge me - only  and to help me present myself in as pretty a manner as possible for the week.  Finally, she whispered in a conspiratorial tone, "Your secret is safe with me sissy."  And she wasted no time as she helped my unpack my luggage and put it away in my closet and drawers.  She immediately began to run a hot shower for me to refresh and to shave completely.  I was not to have any stubble for the entire week, which would mean daily full body shaving to maintain what my cheerleader had done on Friday evening.  Then she sat me down and applied glue on fingernails and painted them a deep red, as well as my toenails.  When she finished, she began applying makeup to my face, darkening my eyes and painting my lips a deep wet red.  She then had me put on a pink flowered swimsuit and told me to fill them with my large breast forms.  She helped me slip into a pair of pink high heels to wear with my swimsuit, and finally fitted my pink wig onto my head. When she was done with me I looked completely sissified.  She told me I was to go out by the pool to relax while she and Maria served drinks.
As I walked out by the pool, I saw my cheerleader and her quarterback were already there.  Quarterback was sitting on the edge of the pool and my cheerleader was in the water between his legs as they dangled in the water.  As I got closer I could see she was topless and had his cock in her mouth.  Already.  Quarterback was leaning back while she slowly and lovingly sucked him as I stood by them and watched.  She sucked him until he came in her mouth and she took all of him.  I don’t know how to describe how I felt standing there in my swimsuit looking so sissy while my wife sucked him off, but it definitely set the tone for what I might expect for the trip.  When she finished, she crawled out of the pool wearing only her white lace bikini bottoms, dried off and sat down on a chaise lunge chair, joined by her quarterback and me.  Mercedes and Maria brought us drinks and some fresh fruit and the three of us relaxed together by the pool.  After about a half and hour, quarterback said, “Come here sissy.  I need you to get my cock ready for your wife.”  I stood up and went to his chair and then kneeled down beside him and slowly began to lick and suck him until he became hard again.  When he was good and hard he told my cheerleader to come to him.  She straddled him on his chair and slowly sank onto his hard cock.  Then, as I kneeled by his chair, she slowly and deliberately rode her quarterback’s cock until he made her cum a few times.  When he finally came inside of her, she moaned so loudly and cried out, “I love your cock Tom!  So much!”  He laughed and said, “Good.  Because I plan to fuck you whenever I want to this week.”  Then, to me, he said, “Okay sissy.  Clean us up now.”  My cheerleader slid off of her quarterback and snuggled beside him.  I took his cum covered cock into my mouth and sucked him clean, and then leaned in and began sucking his cum out of my cheerleader’s swollen pussy.  The tone was set and I knew my role for the trip.
Now, as I write this quick update to day one, my cheerleader and her quarterback have gone to bed, and so have I.  I’m exhausted from the trip and look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. 
 I admit I'm anxious about what the rest of the week will bring, and I had trouble sleeping last night.  It's early Sunday morning and I'm sitting up in bed finishing this post about Day One.  I know my cheerleader and her quarterback were up for a while last night as the villa is very open and I could hear them together in their bedroom right next to mine.


  1. Such an incredible start to what I hope will be an incredible, fulfilling week for you, Leeanne. How amazing! I have little doubt that QB will help you fulfill every one of your sissy desires this week. And, like me with my wife's new man, you're in sissy bliss aren't you!



  2. sempre storie meravigliosamente intriganti e sensuali...!! baci baci baci

  3. Yes, Sissy! That's the way you should stay. A wonderful girl to use and fullfill every need of the QB and your Cheerleader. We're very curious about your journey in Mexico. This expierence will bring you further than ever. Be the slutty sissy your are. Climb a new level and open up your mind to every new step you'll take during this week. Be a sissy, be a girl, be a slut. That's you.

    Have a greet vacation and show how sissy you are.

    Lady Sonja

    1. Dear Lady Sonja,

      I'm trying!



  4. sounds like a wonderful time. i hope the three of you continue to have a great time

  5. wow Great story i got quite hard reading it.
    slut steve

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