Monday, January 7, 2013

Professional Courtesy? Not So Much.

Sissy Leeanne, struggling against the gag tied in her mouth by her wife, who earlier left to have a liaison with her boss, pled against her gag for Caitlyn, the hotel maid, to free her, certain that another sissy would understand her plight.  Unfortunately, Caitlyn was concerned that her mistress, DeMentia, would scold her and punish her if she intervened.  So Leeann was left alone until her wife returned to her later in the evening, finding her just as she'd left her.


  1. Oh my. A bound up Leeanne? Me working as a Maid? For my Mistress? And that Mistress is Dee? Mmmmm.

    Wonderful little post Leeanne! Thank you for including me!

  2. Caitlyn is walking around without her mask on? Somebody CERTAINLY is feeling all sexy and confident today! Must be the large tip that Leeanne's wife left on the dresser.

    I must find out where your wife gets her lipstick for you Leeanne, as I don't think it smudged in the slightest, even with all your thrashing about!

    1. I think she calls it "Everlast Red." She likes me to always be pretty, with sweet kissable lips. And, uh, well, ready for sucking too. You have some power over Caitlyn too. She simply would not help me out of fear of what you would do to her.