Saturday, November 2, 2013

On Hot Days Sissy's Wife Let Her Do The Laundry Without Dressing In Full Uniform.

But the apron was essential.


  1. Perhaps it is early in the training and this is the starting uniform. i started naked and had to earn my garter, stockings, bra, and panties. It did take a long time to earn a full sissys maid uniform.

  2. Hi Leanne

    For any sissy, it is a duty and a privilege to care for her wife's lingerie. It is also an exciting experience, and although the picture depicts a tranquil scene, it's not hard to imagine that the apron is concealing evidence of that excitement.

    Sissy may well be dreaming of the day when she will enjoy the exquisite pleasure of wearing sheer panties like those she has so carefully hung out to dry.


  3. Wow you are smockin hot mAKIN my CLIT Hrd