Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sissy Poll For Dee

One of my favorite TG Captioners on the Internet is DeeMentia, a/k/a "Dee," of 'Dee'lusions of Grandeur.  Dee has been following my posts detailing my sissy journey.  A while back she confessed to me that, although she respected my experience, she often wonders what things affect sissies like me and, I suspect, many of the people who follow and read my blog, or those who control sissies.  She asks in a positive spirit because she wants to understand the sissy psyche so that she might better reflect the same in her captions dealing specifically with sissies.  She asks several questions that I will list here for those interested to answer:

Dee writes,

"Since I assume they are mostly sissies or those who admire/control them,
(1) Do they read standard TG captions, and/or non-magical (aka more realistic) captions?
(2) if not, what turns them off specifically about the standard ones, and even the more focused sissy/crossdressing captions? What do us TG captioners do right as well?
(3) What would they like to see more of in captions that is under-utilized at the present time?
(4) When making sissy/crossdressing captions, should we be using actual sissies, or genetic girls? IS there a preference?
I ask these because I think I, perhaps others, are not particularly hitting on all cylinders when crafting captions dealing with sissy topics. I tend to write short, direct captions, so I am not sure I'll ever be able to precisely make a caption that hits a ton of buttons, but these answers might help me to zero in on things I might not have thought about or was clueless as to what really goes on."

I told Dee I would toss her inquiries out there for readers of my blog to comment upon.  So, this isn't a "poll," as such, in that there are no series of questions with multiple choice responses that most polls entail, but really narrative responses to Dee's questions.  I hope readers will take some time to visit Dee's blog to read some of her captions and find out how she presents her topics, and then Comment here and share their varied sissy thoughts and feelings.  I would be especially interested in reading Comments by Mistresses, Wives, and others who control sissies.  I look forward to reading them myself.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.  And by thank you, I mean:


  1. Leeanne I see no one commenting so allow me to jump in...
    I love caption blogs and my only issue is having to click to read the text!
    I like dialogue, internal or external I like the first person feel of it rather than the storyteller, I like to fel the personal connection
    Y really can't speak to what's used or over-used on caption blogs, I just don't have a wide enough exposure yo make a fair judgement
    Whether to use Females or Male Sissies is matter of no importance to me...where a Sissy is used it's obvious where a genetic girl is used I think it reflects our view of ourselves,,,one could be a 200pond bodybuilder but a pair of panties turns him into a 100 pound girl....

    Jusy my 2 cents...I really hope you get more responses than just silly me...

    1. Thank you sweet girl. Excellent observations. If only "silly old you" responds, then at least Dee gets a good sissy point of view. Thanks baby.

      Kiss kiss,


  2. Personally, I prefer the male sissy captions to the female captions and i also prefer the real to magic. I need to feel like I am not alone out here. Yes i would like to be a young beautiful woman but truth is I am not but i am becoming comfortable with who i am. Hugs, regina

  3. More of the chick giving the blow job please. Doesn't get any better than a beautiful girl sucking a beautiful cock.

  4. Personally, I think the type of captions I prefer boils down to the reason I have sissy feelings. I want to feel desirable, pretty and sexy. I don't get this as a man, so my fantasies lean towards me being a beautiful young lady. I like a caption to tell a story. Not necessarily in lots of words, but in a few which take me to that place where I can imagine I'm the sissy in that situation.
    Personally, I prefer lady pics or maybe traps, but a masculine bloke in a dress doesn't do it for me. I can get that by looking in the mirror and I want to get away from it.
    It's not necessary for the sissy(s) in the pic to be nude, or even being fucked. In fact I prefer pictures where the subject is dressed sexily, allowing me to fantasize the situation. You can't do that when everything is on show in the first place.

    Hope that helps,

    1. Dear Coleen,

      I think that is a wonderfully insightful observation. i think I feel similarly to you. Thank you for responding.