Sunday, November 3, 2013


She's a sissy!!


  1. SUPRISE !

    That's an understatement, One Hot Looking Lady until removing the bottom showed the additional equipment :))

  2. I've always had a fantasy of being "discovered" but so far, everyone I've served as a cuckold sissy knows my gender.


  3. She's having her shorts removed by someone else.

    I like to think that she's actually the shemale mistress for a real sissy. Imagine not only not being feminine enough for your mistress, but having a smaller cock than your mistress .. pretty humiliating I would think!

  4. OMG !!! She's gorgeous !!! Anyone know her name ? WISH I could look like her.

  5. Lucky her regardless, as she has a Mistress. Hard to believe

    Though I do love my short shorts n white n pink belt with purple panties/ yummy

  6. Well Dee, I guess I'm more embarrassed than humiliated, but her cock is bigger than mine.
    She is gorgeous.

    1. Nothing to be embarrassed about sweet Rhonda. Nothing at all. I'm quite certain you compensate in other ways...

  7. Well RhonaTV n Dee Mentia (cute name by the way ).

    As I was saying or thinking:) geez, where's my mind at right??

    But getting back to her cock or as I like to refer to it as, her clit. But often times I think it would be nice to find a Mistress or a Superior mtf for whom I can form a relationship with, as us transexuals are limited in wear we date or have relationships with. Most of my transexual girlfriends, often become lesbians or date other transexuals n occasionally they find love within real Men or they just screw them:))

    But we've lost contact over the years, as they want to forget their past n we respect each others privacy n in between moves we loose each other.

    But I love the lifestyle, as well as I think it makes so much sense, in so many ways. But even though I'm mtf on HRT n full B cups n always felt like a woman.

    I feel compelled to believe also that natural born Women, who weren't cursed from being born in the wrong body, will always be held high above me as Superior Women. It's just my beliefs. But as far as a MtF Mistress, there's nothing wrong with that by any means not is it out of the realm of reality, as it would be nice to service the best of both worlds:)

    The gayest thing I've ever done, is when I tried in the past to use my clit to impress another woman. I'm bisexual n that's who I am:)

    Hugs to you all n love the blog

    Oh n I started tanning again, as well as got my acrylics yesterday evening, so writing differently. But I so love these white shorts n pink belt n purple panties. My god, how cute n so so sexy hot. N yes, love the cock

    1. Staci,

      Thank you sooo much for your wonderful comment! I'm very happy that you have such wonderful sissy lifestyle going.



  8. ThankYou Leeanne Montgomery, as well as wishing n you n yours all the best!

    I never really felt like a sissy, but a hermi or transexual. But I also think all girls are sissys, as it so falls under girl.

    I do so love sissys n everything to do with it, but could be shemale, who knows. I know I'd love to find a Mistress n chat, get to know n see where it goes. So hard to find. N these urges or desires of pleasuring are even stronger. By this I mean, I was getting my acrylics put on Saturday n the nail tech n I where chatting.

    Not sure how we got started talking about the sized of my clit, but um. Oh I know, it was my earrings that started the whole conversation. To funny, but I it was a nice conversation n by the end of it all, he knew me to be a transexual n on HRT n I generally dress enfemme most of time n spoke of living FULLTIME/

    It seems like I'm more open about it as if to put feelers out before I jump right in the water :))

    But then I had another time at work/ 2 guys called me a sissy faggot n I literAlly had to go home for release n put it on my face n lick it off. Being called a sissy faggot by coworkers was such a totally arousing moment. Not sure where that came from.

    I can only imagine the remarks I'll get over my acrylics:))

    Hot to go to work girl n wishing you the best

    1. Oh my! I bet that was fun doing the nails and having that conversation. I hope the guys at work will be nicer.



  9. Actually the guys at work are mocking me n calling me a sissy faggot or other choice names n keep asking me about my girlfriend, that I've made up. But I so love everything femme n yes I love sissys n I definitely find myself more open towards thinking of ways to be my femme n feminine self.

    Most of my transexual friends n other friends who know me tell me I should just be me n do as I like.

    There's a problem there, as I use to be mild mannered blend into society move forward kinda girl/ on HRT n so living FULLTIME /

    Here lately I desire the more slutty or whorish approach n haven't had anyone in my life in like going on nine years n since hypno addiction, none at all. I use to date both guys n girls. Being bisexual in real life as I go to regular gynocologist n on female hormones.

    Not sure but since hypno I'm thinking I don't want a relationship with guys, but thinking I'd rather just fuck them n have them pay me:)) after all it's not cheap being a girl:))

    But I will say I have less n less worrys about stepping off my stoop n falling into real time girl world on a FULLTIME basis, as I've so done twice in the past. I really need n crave to be me, as others who know me think I should just do it. Problem is, I'm turning into a slut . Lol

    Have a terrific day girlfriend n follow your heart n mind. It so knows the wAy