Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sissy's Wife Isn't Quite Ready For Her Date

She sent her sissy husband to "entertain" her date while he waited.


  1. Leeanne,

    I wanted to comment on your header and I didn't know how to do that. I love the 2 drawings that make up your header. I wish I were the person on my knees in both drawings, and it was a TS lady or sissy sitting in the chair and kneeling on the bed.

    I think it would be great fun to have a Mistress stand over me and order me to perform on her sissy, FOR HER PLEASURE.

    Anyway I love the header!


    1. Dear Footsniffer,

      Thank you sweetie. I'm glad that you like the header. Although the initial header included one of the pieces of artwork, the header was significantly improved upon by my dear friend Caitlyn, author of Caitlyn's Masks. She is a wizard on design and I really love it also. Those depictions seem to sum up the essence of my sissy submissive nature.

      Thanks for letting me know that they touch you as well.



  2. I love the fact that he has a firm grip of her hair...