Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Should Be Your Goal Sissies

Something to aspire to


  1. You just have to have lots and lots...and lots of practice.

  2. Mastered that skill long ago! I love it how surprised and pleased shemales get when I can take them all the way in *hee hee*

  3. I've been prcticing like a crazy man, and I can do that BUT, where I get in trouble is when my Lady hold's her cock in my mouth with her hands on the back of my head.

    I just can't last that way! I really wish I could. I wish while she is holding her cock in my mouth, I could stick my tongue out and lick her balls, or run my tongue up and down her shaft.

    I've done that with women who had a mcuh smaller cock, and I always end up with a face full of cum when I do!

    I have to keep practicing on you bigger girls so I can get the same reward from one of your 7 or 8 inch cocks!


  4. I practice all the time I love to suck cock MNM good