Monday, December 30, 2013

Yes. I've Done This.


  1. Leeanne,

    Please clarify for me? Did you do this for someone and then you drank the coffee? Or did your wife do it to you, and then you drank the coffee?

    I just wanted to be sure I understand where you are coming from on this.


    Happy New Year!!!

    1. I first did it for my wife, but since then for myself. She likes me tasting cum.

    2. Leeanne,

      This morning I just happened to read the "About Me" section of your blog, and something occured to me. If what you've written is true (and I think you are being honest and sincere with that), you've never had the pleasure of sucking cock, or of tasting someone's cum?

      Everything you've written is pure fantasy, and you've never been with a man or another sissy (shemale)?

      You seem to be very informed for someone who has never had the pleasure of being on her knees and I thing that is great. It says a lot about your imagination.

      All I can say is I hope spomeday your wife allows you to take the next step, it is so great to give pleasure with your mouth and tongue. It truly makes ME feel good knowing I can give pleasure to someone else. That is the ulitmate for a subbie (and I'm assuming for a sissy as well).

      Happy New Year!


    3. Dear Footsniffer,

      When I first began my blog, I had not sucked cock. So, when I indicated that only my wife knew that I was a sissy, that was correct when I started this blog. I really should have updated that portion of my blog as events changed a few of the details. Thanks to you bringing it to my attention, I have updated it. As I have been blogging and continuing my sissy journey my reality has expanded. So, to let you know, my story is true and I have sucked cock. I have never been with another sissy or shemale though. Only my wife and her men.

      Thank you for pointing that out to me.

      Happy New Year,


  2. Has anyone been serving a small lunch for your Mistress and Her three Friends and had to provide their cream for all the Ladies coffee? My first experience was with my family Mistresses. The most humiliating time was the first time my Mistress Daughter asked for my cream and Mistress Barbara approved Her request.

  3. Please God tell me you used a spoon to stir!!!