Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sissy Only Has Three Thoughts As She Watches her Wife Ride His College Roommates Cock

1. She never rode Sissy's clit like that.
2.  Why did Sissy introduce her wife to him?
3.  She hopes he fills her with a lot of cum for Sissy to clean from her.


  1. Got another one for ya.....
    4. Some time in the future will she let me "fluff" him (by mouth) for her, first ? =D

  2. Telling from my own sissyfication these thoughts are representing the natural mental development for a sissy:

    First she might regret that her Mistress never rode sissy's clit like that. But no, of course She didn't do that! Since why should She ride a clitty if She can have a real Cock?

    Than sissy might ask herself why she begged her Mistress to make her a cuckold. But isn't that just the natural order for any real sissy?

    After that she will hope that He will fill her Mistress with a lot of Cum. That happens when her sissy sexuality breaks through ... making her realize that she is born to submit to real Men as well!

    At the forth stage she will desire to suck Cock. But since He is with her Mistress she has to take the second place and to fluff Him for Her!

    But if she reaches the fifth stage she will want to ride Him and to be fucked into her sissy cunt. And if she has good luck then she might step in for her Mistress when She isn't in the right mood to take His Cock and Cum into her Pussy...