Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yes Sissy, You Can. And You Will.

Sure.  It's thick.  And long.  And yes, you only have the tip in your mouth now.  But this is what your wife has been training you to do.  All of those hours practicing on her dildo are about to be put into practice.  So go on and take it.  Take it all.  All!  Of!  The!  Way!  Down!  Your!  Sissy! Throat!


  1. Now THAT ONE I could enjoy.......there's still some hair, but at least the BALL SACK is fur-free.......Mmm.....Slurp !! =D

    1. I'm so happy that you are pleased alana girl!

  2. What model of dildo should one get to begin to practice deepthroating with?

  3. A definite challenge but that is what the training is for. We all need to learn to take it into our throats to be the sissy cocksuckers we want to be. After all a hard cock is so beautiful and commanding. And my desire to please so clear.