Monday, April 14, 2014

That's A Good Sissy. Just Take It In.


  1. Leeanne,

    That is so sexy.....wifey holding the back of your head in one hand and a cock in the other. Then she just brings them together!

    Forget the fact that you are going to suck cock, but it must make you so excited knowing, she's there; she wants this; she's making you do it; AND she's watching you..........I don't know how you don't get as hard as a rock.

    I love this kind of scene with 2 TS ladies and it gets me hard as steel without even touching myself. It's just sexy as all f'ing hell!!!


    1. My cheerleader loves watching me suck cocks for her.

  2. i love her expression as she moves closer. It is totally clear that she wants it in her mouth and will savor the sweet truth of that cock s she takes it in. It may be gentle to start but soon it will be a ride.