Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Fall To Grace - Chapter 28

I've just posted on Fictionmania a new chapter to my story being shown there - My Fall To Grace - Chapter 28
 Grace Andrews is a beautiful, confident, successful woman. She could have any man she wanted. She chose Dan Thompson, a successful Washington, D.C. attorney. This second story of mine, that will be released in installments, chronicles their relationship as it grows and flourishes, developing into something perhaps neither one could have envisioned the first night they met in a D.C. bar.  I hope readers enjoy my effort. Readers Note: This is a long story, but it is nearing conclusion.  I'll keep installments coming.  I love getting reader feedback.


  1. I am loving your wonderful story my dear Leeanne!
    And I must say that I am so happy that Danni remained true to his beloved Grace.
    As many sissies would have loved for you to write about a torrid bedroom scene between Mandy, her "business" lover, and "Sissy", it is lovely that you have maintained Danni's honor........ and I definitely fear what Mandy will do concerning his "secret life".
    But then again, we all expect for "Danni" to be wearing the wedding gown shortly, don't we?
    Love your imagination, and I adore your blog my dear.....
    So are you really going to get implants?

  2. I found this story only recently and am up to chapter 25 or 26. I would like to recommend it to everyone. It's amazing. I find myself alternating between wishing I was Danni and fearing for her. I really hope she finds happiness in the end but wonder if Grace really does love her as much as she says or if Grace is leading poor Danni to a big fall.

    Many thanks to Leeanne for a wonderful story that has me gripped

  3. Your story My Fall To Grace is amazing. It shows how amazing your writtig skills are and that you have a wicked imagination. I also love your picture