Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh! That's What She's Talking About!

During our first year of marriage, my wife feminized me.  She told me she loved me, but that, as a man, I just didn't know how to satisfy her.  Now, she has told me she intends to take lovers, and expects me to participate, watching, and, ah, fluffing them for her.
Watching this man, and seeing her reaction to him fucking her, I finally get it.  Fuck!  I never did that for her.  And she does look satisfied.  So I suppose she's been right all along.


  1. I think our Wives DO deserve to have this type of pleasure!!

  2. There's a woman in that picture? Can't take my eyes off that dream cock. Perfection!

    1. Mmmm. True dat! But you have to agree. The woman looks satisfied.