Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preparing The New Girl

There was always another sissy being added to the stable of Mr. Mrs. Carrington.  The rich couple took pleasure in taking innocent young boys and turning them into their sissy maids.  One of the jobs of the experienced sissies was to help with the development of the new girls.  Candy and Mindy could tell already that this one was going to be special.


  1. How amazingly fortunate that terrified and excited young thing must feel, to be tended to and prepared by two such elegant and achingly beautiful sissies. It is beyond her hopes to serve a couple, and she needs help getting mentally and emotionally ready. Lacing a corset properly takes training and a extra pair of hands, there are so many details to get right. Lucky, happy day for the new gurl.

  2. Oh gosh, please tell me there is a way to sign up or something with Mr and Mrs Carrington...