Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 121 - For Newa

Newa is an amazing sissy girl.  She has a really great blog with some wonderful posts.  Please stop by and visit Newa's blogIn an earlier version of this post I incorrectly stated that Newa did not share much personal information.  I was wrong.  Not only was I wrong, but I learned that she would enjoy giving as much as she likes receiving.   So, I think I'll just get right to it and provide the kind of sissy thank you that I really enjoy. 
Mmmm.  Delicious Newa!  Thank you for following me.  Then, I'll sit back and let you do me.  How about that?
And thank you for that too!


  1. Hey Leeanne

    What do you want to know ? After I will let you if I accept to share these informations.

  2. I have created a post to compile all those question on my blog :