Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 118 - For Mr. Fish

So there is this guy.  He calls himself Mr. Fish.  He has been following me for a while.  And he has made some very intriguing comments.  The kind of comments that make a sissy feel uncomfortable, but in a good way.  Like, all wet between her sissy thighs.  All wet and ready, if you know what I mean.
 Oh God!  Mr. Fish!  That felt so good!  But you know, what kind of sissy would I be if I left your cock all cummy and all?  Not much of one.
Thank you Mr. Fish.  Thank you soooo much!


  1. Dear Leeanne,

    what a post ! I feel honored... thank you.

    And you know what, I'd give it to you just like in the animation, not to fast, not to slow but in a way you'd know (and feel) you're my sissy!!


    AJ Fish