Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sissies Just Don't Understand

When sissies witness their wives being fucked by big, fat, hard cocks, and see the expressions on their faces, we wrongly interpret what we see as pain.  But it isn't.  Not at all.  The problem is that we've never seen such expressions on their faces when we fuck them.  And that is simply because we never touch them in the places that cause such exquisite visions of pleasure.  And we'll never understand either, because we'll never be the reason they feel that good.


  1. Oh Leanne, I'm afraid I must disagree. I have faith that every sissy can , and should bring their wives this level of pleasure. The real reason sissies don't recognized this expression is that when a sissy is responsible for it, her face is firmly buried in her wife's crotch ^_^

    1. Hmmm....Kyra always make such great points sweetie.

    2. @Kyra Hyde, sweet reply from you. How would it feel to be licked clean after a hot sex? /jerkyboy

    3. Hmmmm I dunno. I prefer being the one licking ;)