Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Inspection

During the six months that I was unemployed after losing my job at the plant, my wife feminized me.  Her reasoning initially was that if I was going to stay home all day, I should do the things a typical housewife would do.  Then, she felt that I should dress like a housewife while doing my chores.  After a while though, she decided I needed to pull my own weight and find a job, so she convinced one of her sorority sisters to hire me as her office assistant.  One of my new boss' requirements was that I wore pretty feminine lingerie to work everyday.  She insists upon verifying that I have done so each morning right after I bring her morning coffee to her.


  1. And quite right too!!. Could you please tell me what film this clip is from Leanne, it looks familiar.


    1. I wish I knew Marie. If you figure it out please let me know.



  2. That series of relationships seems to be working quite well.