Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cheerleader Asserts Control

[NOTE - Anyone who is just beginning to read my blog, might want to read the following early entries in my blog about my sissy journey before reading this latest entry: A Little More Background - Am I Sure I Should Do This? - I'm Afraid - These - Where It All Started - Then, These - Miss Flo - Caught For The First Time - About My Last Post - Bikini Panties!!! - A Virgin Bride (And Groom) - Exhausted Sissy Needs Stress Relief! - Sissy Marries Cheerleader - Sissy Makes Life With Cheerleader - Cheerleader Discovers Sissy - Cheerleader Accepts Sissy - Cheerleader And Sissy Grow.  These are the previous posts that tell the story about my sissy journey.]
So, I suppose folks are wondering where this new aspect to my marriage to my cheerleader headed.  Despite what we'd done the previous two weekends, and despite my own quiet submission to her desires, I was, more or less, no longer in control of anything.  Our day-to-day life went on as usual.  I went to work and did what I'd always done as a successful local attorney, and we continued on with our many usual friendships that a married couple develop over many years together.  And, we didn't really talk about what I had done for her in our bed.  And yet, there was this thing dangling in front of us.  Sometimes, when she would ask me to do some chore or thing around the house, she would ask it in a way that would hint back at what she'd asked me to do for her.  I began wearing, without being told to (or not to) wearing panties and a nightgown to bed every night.  But, it seemed that my cheerleader wasn't interested in making love every night that I dressed up.  
But, when the next weekend came, I could feel the anticipation building on Saturday.  We had invited two couples over for dinner.  When we were dressing for our company, she tossed a new pair of panties onto our bed toward me.  I looked at her in wonderment and she said, "Wear them."  I hesitated and she said, "Go on.  Put them on."  She stood and watched me as I removed the tags from the French-cut black panties, made by a company I'd never heard of at that time, but am now very familiar with - Luminaire.  They were very nice - that much I knew.  As she watched me slip them up my legs she said, "I bought you a matching bra too - for later."  And so, she set the tone for the test of the night.  And, let me know before our guests arrived, how things were going to end for us that night.  Needless to say, our evening with our friends was tinged with sexual tension.  It seemed to me, more than ever, that my cheerleader was bolder and bolder in her teasing me about my femmyness.  And as she became bolder, I became more timid, and yet, also turned on by her increased acceptance of me.  I found myself doing more and more to please her in every way, even beyond the bedroom.  I volunteered to wash the dishes that evening after our friends left.  She sat at the counter of our kitchen island as I cleaned up.  At one point, she moved behind me as my hands were in the sink washing pans and she began stroking my behind, feeling my panties beneath my trousers, nibbling my ear as she did so, just taking on a more and more aggressive tone with me.
When I'd completed kitchen cleanup, she said, "Go get ready for me sweetie.  I'll be up in a minute.  I left the bra on the bed."  And so, another Saturday night was going according to my cheerleader's directions.  I went upstairs and found the beautiful matching bra, as well as a brand new sheer pink, Miss Elaine nightgown.  When I put the nightgown on, the black panties and bra could be seen through the sheer gown.  I retrieved the large dildo and laid it next to our bed, and then crawled in to wait for my cheerleader.
When she entered the room she smiled at me as I lay waiting for her.  Without going to her closet to get dressed for bed, she crawled onto our bed and pulled the covers off of me, exposing me to her with the lights still on.  This was something I still was having trouble with - her openly looking at me while dressed.  I was so much more comfortable when I was dressed in lingerie, but under the covers, and in the dark.  She began kissing me, touching me on my breast forms, smiling at me as she did so.  "You know," she whispered, "You really are very pretty.  So soft."  Wasn't this precisely what I had wished for?  If so, then why did I feel my face blush at her words?  She seemed to realize it as well, and I had the distinct impression that she was doing it on purpose.

After a few minutes, she began undressing in front of me, slowly taking off her blouse.  When she let it fall I realized that she was wearing a matching bra.  Then, she slipped her skirt off and let it fall to the floor.  Now, she stood before me wearing her matching panties and bra.  She smiled as she watched my reaction.  "Why not?" she said.  "I thought it might be fun," she adding laughing as she crawled into bed and snuggled up to me. 
 We kissed and cuddled for a while that night.  Then, she pulled her breasts free and nudged me to suck them for her.  It wasn't long before she wriggled her panties off and had me between her thighs, sucking and licking her pussy.  She became very vocal, encouraging me to suck her, and telling me how good I was at pleasing her orally.  Then, as I continued to pleasure her she told me to get the cock and fuck her, telling me she needed a big cock inside of her, very subtly letting me know how much she enjoyed the big dildo.  I moved to grab the cock off of our night table and went to put it inside of her, but she stopped me.  "No.  Get it ready for me baby."  She wanted me to suck it.  And so, I brought it to my mouth and sucked it for her.  If I was not convinced before, I was coming to understand that this was going to be the new way for us.  My cheerleader found out she liked what she could do with her sissy, and she was asserting her control.  
 After I brought her to an orgasm with the cock, she told me to go inside of her - to fill her up with my sperm.  As I entered her she asked, "Are you ready baby?"  I knew what she was asking.  "Yes," I told her.  "Good.  I can't wait.  I love it when you do that."  I was so turned on at this point that it was not long before I was pumping my sperm inside of her.  She seemed to be enjoying it so much as I fucked her, but as soon as I was spent she urged me to lick her.  I pulled out and inched my way down between her thighs and began licking her.  I could feel her eyes on me as I did so too.  She seemed to not simply like me doing it to her - she liked watching me do it to her. 

As I brought her to an orgasm that night she screamed out how much she loved me.  And so, a new aspect to our love life was cemented.  I realized then that I would be cleaning my cheerleader's pussy out whenever we made love from that point forward.  What I didn't realize then, was how much further my cheerleader would eventually take things.  And in the next post about me and my cheerleader, I'll tell where things progressed and how.


  1. Amazingly well written, Leeanne...... Great captioning with spectacular images. Shows some real class...

  2. Yea, another post about your journey! So hot and sexy. Really enjoy reading your stories, but reading about your real life is extra exciting. And such a tease ending ... we will all be waiting for the next installment.

  3. Another peek into your life with your lovely cheerleader. You're a very lucky sissy to have found a partner who understands and complements you so nicely.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  4. Leanne, you are such an inspiration to all of us sissies. You're writing is so beautiful and full of emotion, and tells your story so wonderfully. Again, thanks for sharing and allowing us a peek inside the beautiful relationship between you and your Cheerleader :)

  5. Leeanne, is that you in the pink nightgown?

    Sissy Kaaren

    1. You have lovely legs Leeanne, you make a beautiful sissy.

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  7. Another lovely chapter from your personal journey with your sweet partner...and I particularly appreciated the insertion of your cute picture in the narrative, at just the point where you wrote about your shyness regarding letting her see you en femme! How far you've come, sweetie! I sooo admire your courage. I have you've spun your autobiographical tale, whether there is any more fiction rolling about in your pretty head...a sequal to "My Fall to Grace" perhaps. Your inquiring fans WANT to know!

    Love, Wendy Edwards

  8. Wpw///thank you.. another great chapter. My wife is becoming more and more authoritative, and I now see where it is going thanks to you!

  9. I've been on a reading binge, enjoying every post of your journey, from the first to here, and will no doubt enjoy the ones that follow. It's refreshing to read. So well written, I can feel the anxiety, the calm, the butterflies. How you've gone from hiding this side of yourself to being encouraged to let it out. It's inspiring.