Sunday, May 5, 2013

My First Day On The Job

"Your wife was right.  There really isn't much there," my new boss said as he reached under the skirt my wife chose for me to wear on the first day of my new job.  I'd recently been laid off by my old law firm due to the economic downturn.  Finding a job as an attorney was not easy in this market.  So, my wife had convinced her boss to take me on as his executive assistant.  She had assured him that I would be able to meet all of his "job requirements."  I was just now realizing what some of those "requirements" might entail.


  1. It took you this long Sissy? Did you think your wife dressed you in a skirt that barely covers the tops of your stockings just because it's pretty? It seems to me like your new boss is a "legs man". I wonder how long before you figure out how your wife knew that. ^_^

  2. Nice one Leeanne. Really set my day up. Wasn't going to wear my panties until later, but now I am !