Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Date Night

It was an odd juxtaposition of relative power, except that there really was no power shift at all since sissy’s wife actually set the rules for this game. But ever since she feminized her husband, each Friday night sissy’s job was to arrange a “date” for her wife with a man the two of them knew, and each week sissy would prepare her wife for the date, concluding with a blindfold to make the surprise introduction more erotically charged for her wife.


  1. I kind of prefer it when the high heel is on the other foot!!!! Making me suck someone I know.....blindfolded.....oh my god humiliation....it could be anyone....

    Love and kisses

  2. You have a devious mind Leeanne....and i love it!



  3. adoro i fine settimana passati a far giochini in maschera, mascherati o bendati e con le mani e le narici cerchi i profumi ed i falli da godere!! baci baci baci