Friday, April 22, 2016

Setting The Tone

The tone for sissy’s marriage was set early in the relationship. First, the wedding gown established her role was the wife in the marriage. But, as if ending all doubt, the cuffs made clear who was in charge.


  1. And when she fucked the best man while sissy watched ....and then ground her sweet pussy against her sissy husbands lips as he tasted his best friends cum on her sweet lips....he knew they would be happy till death do them part!!!!

    1. Omg Kaaren! You're making me unladylike!! sara

  2. Wedding gown and cuffs? Sounds like a fairy tale wedding to me!

  3. se al mio uomo pice mettermi le manette ben vengano ma io son molto docile e servizievole ed al mio uomo o alla mia padrona concedo tutto poi se mi veste da sposa io mi eccito e non rispondo più di me stessa potrei farmi montare anche da un cavallo se i miei padroni lo desiderano !!! baci baci baci

  4. Mmm, what a lovely combo for us! sara